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Because trucks are heavier and larger than cars, accidents involving trucks tend to cause more severe injuries and have a higher fatality rate. Many trucking accidents can be avoided if truck drivers and related companies follow the law and act with a minimum standard of care. When they do not, the Law Offices of B. Shannon Saunders, PA will work tirelessly to gain justice for our clients.

Common causes of truck accidents

The most common causes of trucking accidents are driver error, equipment failure, improper loading, weather conditions and inadequate trucker qualifications.

  • Driver error—Driver error is the most likely cause of a crash, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). Driver fatigue, inattention and substance abuse are some of the causes of driver error.
  • Equipment failure—This can include design and manufacturing errors such as defective tires or mechanical issues including improperly maintained brakes.
  • Weather conditions—Because of the heavy weight of trucks and their loads, braking distance is often affected in bad weather. Failure to adapt to local weather and road conditions causes many truck accidents each year.
  • Improper loading—Improper loading results in an imbalanced load, causing a truck to topple over when it would otherwise remain balanced. Improper loading can also lead to an unsecured load, which can fall of the truck into the path of oncoming cars.
  • Inadequate trucker qualifications—Shippers need to pay close attention to a driver’s compliance with FMSCA regulations to ensure the driver and equipment can transport the cargo safely. Improper selection of drivers and companies is a growing cause of truck accidents.

Trucking accidents, who is at fault?

Determining fault in a truck accident can be a complicated matter. There may be several vehicles involved, making extensive investigation necessary. In addition to examining driver behavior, investigators must also determine whether government regulations restricting the length of truck driver shifts were followed. Manufacturers of both the truck and the trailer, and owners of the shipping and loading company, may also be at fault. Here are some of the details investigators pay attention to when determining fault in a truck accident:

Truck driver behavior—This includes whether the driver left enough distance between the truck and the car in front of him to stop, whether he made an extra wide right turn and whether there were blind spots in his vision.

Other driver behavior—Investigators will look at whether the other driver took sufficient precautions, including extra time for the truck to slow down, not driving too close behind the truck, and not driving in the “no zone”, the danger area around trucks where blind spots are likely to occur.

State and federal regulations—Numerous federal and state laws govern the trucking industry, setting standards for trucking companies, truck owners and truck drivers. A truck accident investigation includes evaluating whether involved parties were compliant with regulations.

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