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Have you been injured in a slip and fall incident on another’s property? Were your injuries the result of a dangerous condition that went unrepaired by the property owner? If so, the property owner may have been negligent. Where negligence can be proven, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your losses and damages connected with the fall. However, do not discuss this with an insurance company until you seek legal counsel from our personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of B. Shannon Saunders, PA.

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One wrong answer to a question by an insurance representative could lead to a denial, delay, or reduction of compensation for your claim. No matter how accommodating an insurance representative may appear, their main objective is to ultimately pay you as little as possible. Our firm has been dealing with insurance companies in personal injury claims for decades. We know how to best represent your interests.

Slip & Fall Accidents in Jackson County & the Florida Panhandle

Slip and fall and related premises’ liability claims can occur in a variety of ways.

Examples of slip and fall incidents can include:

  • Slipping and falling on floors, aisles, and hallways due to wet surfaces
  • Tripping and falling due to objects or defects in floors, carpeting, walkways, sidewalks, and parking surfaces
  • Being knocked down by an animal
  • Tripping and falling due to insecure railings or poorly lit stairwells, stairs, hallways, or other areas

Slip and Fall Injury Types

Any type of fall can result in injuries including:

  • cuts and bruises
  • sprains
  • fractures
  • head trauma
  • neck and back injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • other serious injuries

The most severe of these are known as catastrophic injuries and can lead to states of temporary or permanent disability.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Following a slip and fall accident, it's important that you take the following steps to ensure your accident is taken seriously:

  1. Report your accident immediately to the owner of the premises, or the highest ranking manager available. If you fail to report your accident in a timely manner, it is possible that this could be detrimental to your case later on.
  2. If there were witnesses present, get their contact information. You may need them later on if you go to trial.
  3. Document the scene by taking photos immediately after your accident. If it isn't possible to take photos immediately after the accident, take them as soon as possible.
  4. Obtain medical treatment if needed. Be sure to explain to your doctor how your injuries happened, as this will need to match up with your testimony later on in the lawsuit process.
  5. Contact a slip and fall lawyer immediately. You will be able to discuss your situation and any possible compensation you may be able to recover.

Any personal injury claim you make will need to be backed up by proof of negligence. These cases can be complicated which is why you need the experience and skills of the Law Office of B. Shannon Saunders, PA. We have been serving the local community for 20 years and look forward to putting our legal abilities to work for you.

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